Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 Mix substrate is specifically designed for growing hydroponically. Dutch quality medium for hydroponics.


Gold Label Hydrocorn and Coco is an ideal match for high water capacity, lower watering frequency and better rooting. We utilize the 8-16mm Hydrocorn from Gold Label and the purest Gold Label Coco to give you the perfect ebb and flood growing media which also works well in any pot based systems. The 60/40 mix allows you to feed less frequently than in straight Hydrocorn and gives a buffer on the watering times.


Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 is a mix of 60% RHP Gold Label Hydrocorn (clay pebbles) and 40% Coco. The combination of these two horticulture substrates and the long coco fibres improves capillary action, provides a good base for fast root development and decrease the number of times you need to water compared to clay pebbles.

50L Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40