he Prima Klima PK125 2 Speed Silent Fan features a highly efficient, low power consumption and durable two-speed duct fan. Extremely silent when on low speed, this fan is also manufactured from impact resistant and durable housing, making it not only durable, but low volume to reduce noise. A convenient mounting bracket on the fan allows you to safely and easily attach the fan to the wall or ceiling, and the aerodynamically optimized shape makes this fan highly functional, convenient and effective.



  • Highly Efficient Two-speed Duct Fan
  • Extremely Silent When on Low Speed
  • Impact Resistant & Durable Housing
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Aerodynamically Optimized Shape
  • Mounting Bracket on Fan Allows Safe & Easy Attachment to the Wall/ Ceiling
  • Impeller With Backward Curved Blades

Prima Klima PK125

R1 500,00Price